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Thank You, for supporting our Humanity Drive.

Your donation will help create Flyers, Pamphlets, Booklets, and
CDs to help spread the word about humanity
(Compassion, Peace, Love, and positive energy.)

Whatever amount you donate will be greatly appreciated.
No amount is to small.

May God continue to bestow blessings upon you and continue to
shine a light upon your heart.
Our humanity drive is to support peace and love. We are just one of many positive
forces advocating humanity diligently. We as a people have to become aware of how
humanity is the answer to world crisis.

Please become aware of what humanity can do for you and the ones you love.
Spread humanity and become apart of the biggest movement in the world. We need
Global peace more now than ever. The world is in need of humanity.
          (compassion, love, peace, and positive energy).

People identify with humanity in various ways and deeds. Whatever way you identify
with HUMANITY spread your good deeds globally and become the change you are
seeking. Do not create problems solve them.
Humanity is the light we all been waiting for.